September 13, 2019

Beer Menu

“What Should Have Been” IPA 6.1% ABV, 40 IBU
$5.75 13oz, $2.50 5oz,
The beer after Opening Day IPA! Should have been red, but it didn’t turn out. It still made a soft and fruity IPA.

T’is the Saison 6.0% ABV, 30 IBU
$6.00 13oz, $2.50 5oz
A jolly dry hopped saison! Full bodied, dry and fruity with a touch of belgian spice.

We Made Beer Kolsch Style Ale 4.2%, 45 IBU
$5.50 13oz, $2.50 5oz, $3.50 473ml can
Simple clean and crisp. This German style ale 

Red Rye Ale 5.1% ABV 35 IBU
$6.00 13oz, $2.50 5oz, $3.50 473mL can
Just in time for the holiday season! This beer is pure Xmas red with a slight sweetness! HO HO HO!

Dark is the New Light Stout 4.0%, 39 IBU
$5.50 13oz, $2.50 5oz, 473ml $3.50
Low ABV, full body and big flavour. This stout has chocolate notes with a hint of spice from the rye in it. 

Pure Delight IPA 6.0%, 26 IBU
$4.00 473ml can
Soft, hazy and fruity. This NEIPA full of Citra, Amarillo hops is both crushable and tasty! 

All Hail The Internet IPA 6.6% ABV, 25 IBU
$3.75 473mL can
A Brut style IPA that is crisp and clear. This beer uses an enzyme that allows the yeast to eat up all of the residual sugar creating a dry and clean taste.


Smoked Pulled Pork or Smoked Pulled Beef with homemade BBQ sauce on a soft white bun with a slice of Moishes (Montreal) pickle. 

Smoked Chicken Wings
Smoked to perfection and served with Smokin R&R’s BBQ sauce or hot sauce from SaucyB


Peanuts – Beer Snack Gourmet
$4.00 per bowl
Beer Nuts – Simply sweet, simply addictive
Adobo – Smoky chipotle
Greek – Exotic and garlicky.

Pretzels – Nat’s Bread Co
$6.50 for 2
From Nat’s Bread Co. in Stittsville
These pretzels are soft and salty. Served warm with a side of mustard.

Popcorn – PapaJack’s popcorn
FREE – Just ask for a bowl

Moises Kosher Salt Brined Pickles
This is admittedly a strange item to have by itself, but they are delicious! Salt brined, kosher and straight from Montreal. These are the BEST pickles around!!

Sun Chips

For the Kids

Juice Box – $1.00
Gatorade – $3.00
Iced Tea – $1.50
Sweet treat – Free with parental permission