April 22, 2016



Are you really the smallest brewery in Ottawa?

Until someone tells us otherwise we are pretty sure that we are.

How do I buy your beer?

Beer will be available online with pickup at the brewery or in person. Our hours are posted here and they do change on a weekly basis. Go to our store page to see what we have ready for sale.

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, check our website or sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with our releases.

What are pre-order only hours?

These hours mean that we will be at the brewery if someone has placed an online order ahead of time. If we have not received any orders we may not be there.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes we do, but not debit. Visa, MasterCard and cash will get you beer.

Why don’t you have regular store hours?

We are a small producer in a residential neighbourhood. We have to respect our community and not be disruptive. Our hours may vary week to week but, we will post them via our website, Twitter and Facebook.

Are you guys really set up in a garage?

Yes we are.

Are you brewing different beers all the time?

Part of the fun of having a nano brewery is having the flexibility to make a different beer on a whim without the risk of having to dump thousands of dollars of beer if something goes wrong. We love to experiment and this is the time to do it, while we are small and care free. Maiden Voyage Pale Ale, Around the Corner IPA and our Dark is the New Light Stout will be part of our regular rotation but we will be adding new beers to the mix each month.

Where are you located?

36 Evergreen Drive in Bells Corners (Ottawa) ON.

Can I buy a keg from you?

Yes we do sell 20 and 30L kegs in limited quantities. We will also be renting serving equipment in the very near future.

Can you brew a custom beer for my wedding/birthday/party?

We love a party! Contact us (sales [at] evergreencraftales.com) and we can work something out. Do you want custom cans for your event? We can do that!

I own a restaurant can I have your beer on tap?

We are casually looking for 1-2 small, independent restaurant partners. If you want to work with a small, dynamic brewery drop us a line at: sales [at] evergreencraftales.com.