April 22, 2016


Are you really the smallest brewery in Ottawa?

Nope, not any more! We are opening up our new facility in Kanata at 767 Silver Seven Road unit 21. We will have a tap room, food and retail service.

When will you be open for business?

Our opening date is Friday September 13, 2019.

Do you serve food?

We have an assortment of snacks available as well as non alcoholic beverages. In the near future we will be expanding our offerings.

Will you be keeping your location on Evergreen Drive open?

No, we will be closing down the Evergreen location and converting it into a garage 🙂

How do I buy your beer?

We have full retail and tap room hours at the new brewery

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Do you take credit/debit cards?

Yes we do. Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Apple Pay, Google Pay and cash will get you beer.

Are you brewing different beers all the time?

Variety is the spice of life and we love what we do! Experimentation and trying new things has been part of our history and that will continue. We brew what we like to drink

Where are you located?

Our brewery address is 767 Silver Seven Road #21, Kanata (Ottawa) ON. We are really close to Costco Kanata, Home Depot, Movati, the Bell Sensplex and the Canadian Tire Centre.

Can I buy a keg from you?

Yes we do sell 20 and 30L kegs in limited quantities. We will also be renting serving equipment in the very near future.

I own a restaurant, can I have your beer on tap?

You sure can! If you want to work with a small, dynamic brewery drop us a line at: sales [at] evergreencraftales.com.

Can you sponsor or provide a donation for my event?

We enjoy working with like minded groups and individuals in our community, in particular those that are working for or on behalf of others in need, whether they be people, animals or the environment. While we would like to say yes to everybody, sometimes we have to pass on an opportunity due to timing, resource constraints or incompatible visions.

We are unable to donate to the following:

Activities or groups where children are the primary focus: This is pretty self explanatory.
Sports, Teams and recreational groups: How can we choose a few from so many?
Weddings/Parties/Stag & Doe: So many, how can we pick just a few?

For most things we need some advance notice and we generally like an in person meeting. Once we are open feel free to drop by with your idea.

Do you send out free beer and swag for beer reviewers?

We do not send out gifts and freebies to people to review our beer. If you think our beer is worthy of a review on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. then you would  be better off experiencing it from our retail or in our taproom. This is where you will get the true essence of our little brewery. Let us know when you stop by and we will make sure that you get what you need to provide and impartial, objective review 🙂

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